Recent promo shot for my spy podcast "The Dry CleanerCast"

Recent promo shot for my spy podcast "The Dry CleanerCast"

Hello my name is Chris Carr and I am an award-winning director of theatre, film, online content and commercials.

I have directed for brands such as Epsom, NS&I, Marionnaud, The Perfume Shop and Superdrug, to name a few.

Away from my online and commercial work I have a huge passion for film and television drama, both as a filmmaker and a viewer. I’m a huge fan of crime shows, medical dramas and anything to do with geopolitics and espionage!

I am fascinated by espionage so directing anything from writers John Le Carré, Jeremy Dunns, Graham Green and Somerset Maugham would be a dream come true. I am so fascinated by the topic of espionage that in my spare time I run a monthly podcast in which I interview former spies!

As a filmmaker my inspiration comes from directors such as John Frankenheimer, Michael Mann, Jan Nemic, Ridley & Tony Scott, and Wong Kar Wai, to name a few.

I’m also a big coffee fan and I really love coffee from Ethiopia.

If you would like to meet for a coffee and a chat, please email me here: chriscarrdirector(@)

Shots of me at work