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Short Film: “The Dry Cleaner”



A raid in Paris has yielded a link between the terrorist organisation Munathma and a revolutionary group called the FKA. British Intelligence officer George Collins is pressured from his section chief to make contact with Middle Eastern student Lydia Iyad, who knows members of the FKA at her university. Lydia feels conflicted about the idea of spying on her friends for Britain, especially with its bad reputation in the Middle East. 
George needs Lydia to make a decision and provide information.

Will Lydia work with George or will she leave him out in the cold?

Information about the film

“The Dry Cleaner” has been entered into a number of international film festivals. We are currently awaiting news from the festivals to see which one will host our premier screening. The film will be released digitally in mid 2019.

Both a feature film and television follow up to the short film are currently in early development. Former British and American intelligence officers are acting as technical consultants on the follow up to help with the authenticity of the project.

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Stage Play “The Spin Doctor”

Spin Dr.jpeg

“Mayor Turnbull who has been photographed by the press with a prostitute. In order to save his career and his marriage he must turn to his spin doctor to help him get out of this mess.”

This comedic play was written by Sem Megson, and was performed as part of Encompass Theatre's "Bare Essentials" season in March 2016

Stage Play “Our Jonathon” — Winner of the 2015 Kenneth Branagh “New Drama Award”

Our Jonathon.jpeg

“In a cafe in Bath, George and Doreen wait to meet up with their son Jonathon for the first time in 9 years. As they wait for him they discuss the horrific reason why it has taken so long to meet up again.”

This play was written by Adam Thorn and performed as part of the 2015 Windsor Fringe Drama Festival.

Stage Play “Driven” — Winner of “Best Actor” at the 2012 Off Cut Festival


“On a lost and lonely summer’s night, a taxi driver begins his longest journey.”

The play "Driven" was written by Adam Usden.  It was selected to be a part of the 2012 'Off Cut: New Theatre Festival” at the Riverside Studios, London.

Out of the 28 plays and 120 actors as part of the festival, the star of ‘Driven’ Andy Snowball  was voted ‘best actor’ by the festival audience. ‘Driven’ was also given a score of ‘5 out of 5’ by the theatre review site Remote Goat and Dr Who star Louise Jamerson said 'the whole monologue was a joy to behold' and she kindly said to Andy that he had been 'directed beautifully'.

"Driven by Adam Udsen - This monologue about a driver with some very unusual passengers was both original and well written. Director Chris Carr deserves credit for getting a sensitive performance from Andy Snowball. [5/5]" Matthew Partridge Remote Goat 27/09/2012